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Keystroke offers the fruitful combination of the power of Act!,
the mobility of Handheld Contact, and the expertise of
the #1 Reseller of Act! in the world.

Yes, at Keystroke, "orange is the new green", and we couldn't be more juiced!

Since the summer of 2016 the team at Contactik (the Canadian French Distributors of Act!) joined forces with Keystroke (the English Act! Distributors) to form the #1 Act! Reseller team in the world, and the exclusive Act! Distributor & Hosting provider for Canada in both French and English.

If that were not enough, a few months later the team at J2X Technologies Inc, the makers of Handheld Contact, also partnered with Keystroke, to make the best mobile solution for Act!, even better. We believe Keystroke is now uniquely positioned to deliver superior CRM solutions for your desktop and mobile devices – Act! anywhere, anytime, online or off.

As you might guess, we’re stoked about the future of Act!, and we think you'll find the combined resources of our new team "apeeling" to your business needs.

New Site...New Features...Same Purpose

We invite you to take a tour of our site, and discover the incredible power of the Act! CRM program, and the professional support and development services we provide to ensure that you “squeeze the most juice from your contacts”. 

We built this site to provide our valued customers fast access to the business tools they need on their computer or mobile devices, and the information they want on our list of products, services and promotions.

You'll notice we've employed many new interactive tools with this website, where you can participate in our Blog, request a quote or service call, join our Keystroke VIP Club, do a live product demo, or even book a training class. 
Some of the same old trusted tools for webmail, email management and FTP downloads are still there, but we've tried to implement some new enhancements to serve you better. Even our shopping cart has been completely overhauled to make the process simpler, easier, and faster. Checkout our exclusive “configurator” to help you prepare a quote on your own, while offering add-on bundlings that we’ve found add the best value for our Act! customers.

New "Actcessories"

You can also learn about our exclusive family of Act4 products that provide customized industry solutions for mortgage brokers, financial advisors, real estate agents, and tech support professionals, just to name a few. The important common denominator for all of them is the “Knowtifier”, quite simply the most powerful & easy to use automation tool for Act! in the industry.

Whether you’re an individual user, a small to medium size business, or a public sector organization, we have the CRM product and expertise to optimize your team’s productivity, efficiency, and accountability.

At, we call that “success by concentrate”.

ACT! 18 is Here, and we're excited!

Act v18 includes many new features that help you work more productively, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before. And, with dramatically enhanced mobility tools, you can now ACT better at your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

A few things we're really good at, and proudly support....

CRM Sales, Consulting & Training

Act! has been the #1 selling contact relationship management software in the world for over a quarter century, because it helps businesses be more efficient, profitable, accountable, and organized. is the #1 Act! Sales & Support Team in the world, and the official ACT Master Distributor for Canada in both English & French. We have more sales staff and more support technicans than any other team in North America, and we have the expertise and resources to help our customers Act! Better.

ACT! Database Hosting

Many of our customers want the efficiency of ACT! for their team, but lack the network infrastructure to support it. We can help. Keystroke is the exclusive Act! Hosting provider for Canada, and we use the best in fiber based database hosting services for syncing and web publishing, and we do so for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. What's more, all databases are backed up and maintained nightly to ensure maximum data integrity. Take ACT Mobile on all your HTML5 enabled devices with Keystroke Database Hosting.

Website Hosting, Design & Optimization

Most businesses understand the marketing necessity of being on the Internet, but find the cost and complexity beyond reach. At Keystroke we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of web hosting, design, and search engine optimization solutions to fit most budgets and needs, while still delivering the creative design and direction business's want. Get the "sizzle" and the "steak" at Keystroke.
Our email services provide both Windows client and web based access to email for both POP3 and IMAP mail services, and our web servers support a wide range of CMS based sites including WordPress, Fusion, and others.

Act! Software Choices

Act! is the #1 best-selling contact manager for over 25+ years. Designed to take the guesswork and complexity out of managing customer relationships, Act! gives users a 360-degree view of their contacts and interaction history, tightly coupled with simple yet powerful scheduling and emarketing tools. Act! enables users to determine the best next move more easily, then take action faster, so they focus more of their time on doing what matters most: attracting new customers and growing their businesses.Our experienced development team is one of the best in the industry with a hard earned reputation for excellence.

World's #1 Act! Reseller!

Exclusive Canadian Act! Hosting Provider

Who we are?

Specializing in home and business network solutions, providing efficiency and productivity via a local or remote setup. 

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